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MXmeeting is a web-conferencing platform that fully integrates with the Zultys MXIE unified client application. You can launch a multi-party web-conference with the touch of a button from your PC, Mac or even from your Smartphone.

The 4-in-1 MXmeeting appliance plugs right into your network and allows as many people as you wish to join a collaborative web-conference without even having special software installed on their computer. You can do anything from interactive web-conferences and seminars, to remote desktop support and remote access.

MXmeeting delivers real bottom-line benefits.

  • Web conferencing - sales presentations, product demos, interactive collaboration
  • Web Seminar - seminars for view-only attendees, no download
  • Remote Support - remote desktop support for PCs and Macs
  • Remote Access - access to office or home PCs from anywhere anytime

The Zultys M200 and M500 MXmeeting appliances offer exceptional functionality and flexibility in a small appliance. Measuring only 9" x 6" x 1.4", (230mm x 152mm x 35mm) the Zultys MXmeeting appliance quickly and easily connects to the MX30 or MX250 platform. MXmeeting operates in both PC and Mac environments.

Capacity range
MXMeeting Appliance Included Capacity Maximum Capacity
M200 2 Rooms, 10 Users 4 Rooms, 20 Users
M500 5 Rooms, 20 Users 20 Rooms, 100 Users
General Bandwidth requirements: 50kbps-160kbps per standard presentation slide per MXmeeting web conference session attendee

Like all Zultys products, MXmeeting is easy to configure and even easier to use. MXmeeting is a web-based conference device that offers a full array of sophisticated features for a surprisingly low investment. MXmeeting allows you to:

  • Conduct web conferencing with participants anywhere in the world at a moment's notice via the Internet
  • Set up an audio conference session in seconds without distributing a bridge number to your invitees or having to dial into a new phone number each time.
  • Provide sales presentations and product demos via screen share sessions with one or multiple customers
  • Meet and collaborate worldwide
  • Offer training or e-learning for employees or clients
  • Deliver remote support in real-time
  • Take control of a remote computer with one click of the mouse from your client interface
  • Enhance IT efficiency through the ability to transfer files and reboot remote computers
  • Provide remote access and maintenance to customers
  • Access office or home computers remotely without cumbersome applications like PC Anywhere or TelNet
  • Conduct web seminars as an alternative to the cost and stress of travel
  • Easy file transfer so you can send working files and presentations to participants in real-time

MXmeeting delivers unmatched return on investment by equipping clients with the collaboration tools they need today. The ability to connect with multiple remote workers, screen-share during projects, and provide real-time online support for customers transforms MXmeeting into one of an enterprise's most valuable assets.

Zultys provides a US-based hosted audio conference service with support for up to 150 ports. This audio conference service is provided through a 3rd party at no additional charge to those purchasing MXmeeting. Given the dependence on the 3rd Party, Zultys cannot guarantee the audio conference quality and / or availability.

MXmeeting provides web conferencing that is truly and fully integrated with the MX IP phone system.

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